Our Everyday Low Price
$2.29 Per Gallon* - NO GAMES
$2.09 for Customer Owned Tanks

10 cent discount for cash paid in five days!
  5 cent discount for seniors!


No Surcharges • No Statement Fees • No Budget Fees • No Hazmat Fees • No PERC Charges
No Tank Set Permit Fee (We will pay any fees if required for tank set)
Price Shopping
When shopping propane prices, beware of "First Fill Specials," metered accounts and deals that seem too good to be true.  At Stevens Propane, you always get our best price on every propane delivery.  We treat our current customers just as well as our new customers.  No price games, no gimmicks and no tricks.  Our price is always posted on our site.
*Price listed above applies to 320 gallon tank fills only or larger - no partial fills.

New Tank Set

  • 250 Gallons Minimum
  • Complete Free Pressure Test of Your System for Leaks
  • Free Regulators and Outside Gas Line
  • Call Our Office for Details!

Always With Stevens Propane

  • $50 Credit with every Customer Referral!
  • Discounts for Cash, Customer Owned and Seniors
  • Budget Plan Available